My Story

Since I was old enough to operate a camera, I was out and about with my Polaroid, taking pictures of the plants, bugs and trees that I found in the neighborhood. I never really thought anything of it until recent years. I was just having fun being outdoors and taking pictures of the little things I discovered along the way.

As I got older, I realized that even the simplest things contained beauty and that it was only a matter of presentation that transitioned it into a form of art.That's probably what intrigued me the most about photography. You can take the most obvious choice of a visual subject and change it's whole perception with a camera lens.

I never dreamed that I would ever have an opportunity in showing the world my views of this gorgeous state, much less that I would ever feel confident enough to offer them in such a way. The main reason is due to the equipment used. I don't consider myself to be a professional by any means, and generally, all my work has been shot and edited from my iPhone, but I do also use a DSLR camera on occasion.

It has been a long road of adventure and learning, but there is still more learning to do. I welcome any and all feedback or suggestions you may have. This will assist me in making the right changes in the future.

Over time, I've had friends suggest perhaps I should try framing some of the pictures I had taken. It was great encouragement, but I never thought that anyone would appreciate the work I produced, at least enough to support me from a small business standpoint.

After years of pondering, progression, and persuasion, I've decided to finally give it a go. It wasn't until recently those suggestions finally clicked; however. I had randomly stopped at an old landmark here in Wyoming County. Something about the sunset that day as I glanced while passing by caught my attention that day, over all other previous days driving by. I captured a few angles of the place and posted them to some of the social media groups for the people who come to see what has become of their former home towns.

There were a few specific comments responsible for my light bulb finally glowing. Apparently the light I shined from my random stop at the old abandoned structure was enough to make some of the viewers shed a tear. They had mentioned the flood of memories from their childhoods that I had delivered from my random stop at the Itmann Company Store/Stone Haven building that evening. It was right then that I knew that I couldn't make up any more excuses of why I won't ever be able to make the move to reach one of my goals while showing the world my photos.

I ended up deciding to launch on my birthday, and it certainly was a great birthday present to myself and an unforgettable memory.

Being transparent, I'm a bit nervous taking a step forward like this, but there's no words for how honored I feel having an opportunity to actually make two lifelong dreams come true at once. Up until recently, I never was certain about what direction I should take. I wanted to find a way to bring the people who miss the old coal towns of their childhood memories back to them in a different way. It was finally clear that I could offer the type of merchandise we all use everyday as a starting point. I thought offering a specific type of merchandise would allow me to meet a broad range of shoppers and gift givers.The shoppers who want to find that right gift for someone special, something custom and unique for themselves, or for those who love to support small businesses, especially ones in their home state.

I do feel confident that sending a custom piece of West Virginia to a friend or loved one would make their day or even rekindle those special memories. Please know that I'm here for you, and please don't ever hesitate to make any special requests.

This is what separates me from your average retailer. Every product I offer has been customized with images that I've personally taken while out on local adventures. Each one is a reminder to myself of the fun times I've had while capturing the images, while also reminding my customers of their special times here.

I'm proud to offer products that have a little meaning to people, or even bring a smile to their faces with each glance. It's a great feeling knowing that I'm able to provide gifts that contain meaning, stories, or special memories. The way I see it, you might have special memories tied to a certain park or landmark here and want a way to revive the sights you hold from memory back to your current home, without ever leaving.

By providing you with customized/personalized gifts, I can continuously update my collection and product selection. Capturing the things you suggest/request will provide you with a custom experience, while allowing me to enhance the variety of other images I might find along the way. This will inspire potential new products I could look further into bringing to market. This makes an even better experience for everyone overall.

Ultimately, I want to bring you back home, or to that favorite spot here in West Virginia, without ever leaving your home. I really can't express my appreciation towards everyone who supported and provided me guidance up to this point. I do cherish the stories about how my pictures have rekindled the memories of former residents of Southern West Virginia.

My mission won't ever cease, and your feedback is what drives me to reach higher. Do remember your feedback, reviews and suggestions will always be welcomed. If you have any products that you would love to see offered in my stores collection, don't hesitate to contact me.

As a benefit to you, I've covered the shipping charges on all products excluding calendars. Because I have to partner with an alternate manufacturer to source my current calendars collection, I don't have the option to absorb the shipping charges at this time. This is due to how their system is setup, so I apologize for the inconvenience on this matter.

I want to provide the best quality products at the best prices and wanted to be transparent about my decisions. I looked far and wide to seek the best providers to assist in bringing my dreams to life. In order to provide the products I currently offer, I have to purchase the initial product, pay a percent and set amount to the provider, then also cover the shipping cost. I'm doing everything within my power to ensure your experience and checkout will always remain hassle free.

I will be periodically researching further into other providers, ensuring you always receive the best value, top quality and service from my business/brand. Thank you all so much for bearing with me through the start up and thank you for supporting my local business and my dreams. I'm giving it my all, so I do hope you all enjoy.

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